How to apply

More information on how to apply for fellowships, scholarships and travel awards from the McGill-CIHR Drug Development Training Program (DDTP).

In order to encourage DDTP students to attend national and international meetings, the Scholarship and Fellowship committee has approved the inception of new travel awards with eligibility restricted to students who have previously received funding from the DDTP.

These awards will give trainees the opportunity to share their research findings with colleagues and experts in their field at the national or international levels.

The maximum amount for a single award is $750.00. There is no deadline for submitting an application. However, decisions will be made within at least one month of the submission date.

For more details on eligibility criteria and procedures on how to apply, please refer to the guidelines and the application form.

Drug development is a multidisciplinary field. Our program covers a considerable array of topics from chemistry to clinical trials. To facilitate your choice of a curriculum, we divided the program into two major streams: (a) the drug engineering stream and (b) the preclinical-clinical stream. We recommend the drug engineering stream to those who have a strong chemistry background and the preclinical-clinical one to those with a solid background in molecular biology and pharmacology. If you are applying at the graduate level, we strongly advise that you carefully consider your choice of courses and also that you meet with our academic advisers.

If you are applying at the post-doctoral level, carefully consider the relationship between the proposed research program and your background.

To apply please follow the following steps:

Step 1

If you are a McGill-registered post-doctoral fellow or a student already enrolled in a graduate program at McGill, discuss with your supervisor/DDTP mentor. Your participation in the program is subject to his/her approval. Only students and fellows under the supervision of a DDTP mentor are eligible to the training program.

If you are not registered at McGill, apply for admission in one of the participating departments, through the McGill standard admission procedure. When you find a supervisor/DDTP mentor, you shall obtain formal approval from him/her in order to join the program.

If you are a post-doctoral fellow external to McGill, you must be accepted by one of our mentors and you will be eligible to benefit from the privileges of the program only after you have been formally registered at McGill as a post-doctoral fellow.

Step 2

Contact and meet with one of our principal academic advisors (Dr. Masad Damha, Drug Engineering stream or Dr. Barbara Hales, Preclinical-clinical stream) who will guide you in and approve your course selection. Post-MDs and clinician scientists, please contact Dr. Bertrand Jean-Claude.

There is no course requirement for post-doctoral fellows. However, they will be required to attend all workshops organized by the program.

Step 3

The eligibility criteria for participation in our scholarship and fellowship competitions are described in the DDTP guidelines. The support from the program will cover 50% of your current stipend and your supervisor must provide evidence of support for the other half of your stipend at the time of the application.

To submit an application, please download and fill out an application form (PDF) available as a PDF file. Your supervisor will fill out the supervisor's form in which he will express his commitment to cover the other portion of your stipend. The DDTP strongly advises the applicants to read the guidelines before they start working on their application. Since the relevance of the project to drug discovery and development is critical for your eligibility to the program, please pay special attention to the document entitled Drug Discovery and Development Relevance Guidelines.

Application form PDF version
Post-doctoral fellowship Post-doc form
Studentship Student form
Supervisor Supervisor form
Checklist Checklist
Special training scholarship Special Training

Note that applications that are not accompanied by a supervisor's form will be considered incomplete and will be withdrawn from the competition.

Step 4

Submit your application by e-mail. Your supervisor will submit his form independently. However, it will be your responsibility to verify that it has been submitted by the deadline.

Send all documentation to:

Dr. Bertrand J Jean-Claude, Chair of the Scholarship and Fellowship committee

The McGill-CIHR Drug Development Training Program (DDTP)
The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center

1001 Decarie Boulevard Rm ES1-5562

Montreal, Quebec

H4A 3J1

or e-mail at:

For more information, please call 514-934-1934 ext 76435

New Norman Bethune Canada-China Scholarship linked to the CIHR strategic training in health research

The CIHR Norman Bethune Scholarship program was was named in honor of Dr. Norman Bethune, a Canadian physician who is well remembered in China for his contribution to medical practice and teaching during the second Sino-Japanese war in the late 30s. Importantly, Dr. Norman Bethune practiced medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital [one of the hospitals of the McGill University Health Center (MUHC)] prior to traveling to China in 1938.

The McGill-CIHR training in drug development warmly welcomes the applications of Chinese graduate students. We invite you to visit our list of mentors. Many of our mentors have maintained good collaboration with Chinese Institutions and are all enthusiastic about training Chinese students within the context of our drug development program. For details about application procedures, please read the "how to apply" section of the CIHR Norman Bethune Scholarship link.